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There's not a single Black member in The Hollywood Foreign Press

The Globes are no longer golden. It’s time to act. Join us in demanding change.


Introducing 'We, As Ourselves'

Led by The ‘me too’ Movement, National Women’s Law Center, and TIME’S UP Foundation, We, As Ourselves is a collaboration to reshape the narrative about sexual violence and its impact on Black survivors.

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Workplace culture is broken. We’re fixing it.

The TIME’S UP Foundation helps more people seek justice, pioneers innovative research, and supports industry leaders who are committed to change.

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We get at the root of the problem — addressing gender inequality at its source.

We insist that every woman be safe at work. We level the playing field for women. And we achieve power for women at every level.

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If you have diverse and equitable workplaces, you are going to have less sexual harassment.

— Tina Tchen, President and CEO, TIME’S UP Foundation