Buzzfeed: They Each Broke Their Silence About Harvey Weinstein. At His Rape Trial, They’re Finding Support In Each Other.

Silencebreakers, Weinstein

The story of what Weinstein allegedly did to women has been characterized as many things: a story about power dynamics in the workplace and the way Hollywood treats women; a culture of complicity and silence; the feat of incredible journalism it took to uncover it; and a reckoning, possibly the reckoning of our time. Now, as his criminal trial is underway, it has become a story about the judicial system, and whether it can keep up with a rapidly evolving culture against abuse.

But for the women at the heart of it, the Silence Breakers, this is a story about the power of friendship between women, and its ability to both fracture and heal. Of the more than 90 women who have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, many only learned about each other’s experiences through the news. As the number of alleged victims grew, these women began to reach out to one another, share their experiences, and gradually, to heal.

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