Monifa Bandele speaks to policy influencers about this critical moment for the care economy

Care Economy Conversations: IG Live Series

In this virtual conversation series hosted by @timesupnow on Instagram, hear from key voices in the fight to ensure that investments in caregiving are made that will increase equity and support the economy.


Conversation 1:
Monifa Bandele with Heather McGhee

Monifa and Heather IG Live Promo for Twitter

TIME’S UP Interim President and CEO, Monifa Bandele is joined by acclaimed activist, commentator, and best-selling author, Heather McGhee for a conversation about the impact of President Biden’s proposed investments in the care economy on Black and Brown women, their families and communities. Heather is the former President of the research and advocacy organization Demos and the author of the fantastic Sum of Us book, which examines how racism doesn’t just harm Black and Brown people, but our entire society.


Conversation 2:
Monifa Bandele with Carol Taylor-Moore

Cicily Cares IG Live Promo

TIME’S UP Interim President and CEO Monifa Bandele is joined by Care Economy Business Council Member Carol Taylor-Moore, President & CEO of Cicily Cares a Florida-based care provider focused on improving the lives of young people with Autism and seniors who desire to receive care at home as they age. This discussion focuses on the urgent need for investments in our nation’s care infrastructure and how those investments will benefit businesses of all sizes across industries and strengthen our overall economic recovery. Monifa and Carol also discuss the potential impact of the care investments on business, communities, and women – particularly women of color.