Women on the Front Lines

Harvard Business Review: Why the Crisis Is Putting Companies at Risk of Losing Female Talent

Equity, Women on the Front Lines

We believe that many leaders may emerge from the crisis with a long-term talent problem if they don’t incorporate some small but critical steps into their current practices. By addressing four key biases and barriers, you can prevent the careers of your women employees from becoming collateral damage during this crisis, and set your company up to leverage their capabilities today and in the future.

We aren’t suggesting that you shift focus from mission-critical activities; cash flow, employee safety, and negotiations with lenders and clients are rightly your priorities. And we acknowledge that many leaders in essential industries are grappling with a different set of management challenges as they try to run operations that can’t be done from home. But for those who are managing employees who have transitioned to working from home, there are straightforward steps that you can take to win the loyalty of your women employees and keep your company from losing hard-won ground on gender inclusion.

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