InStyle: Young Women’s Careers May Never Recover from the Coronavirus Crisis

Women on the Front Lines

On top of the impact for office workers, women hold two-thirds of low-wage jobs, like waitressing, that can’t be done remotely, according to National Women’s Law Center. The CDC also reported that women  make up 80 percent of healthcare workers — those quite literally risking their lives on the front lines of this pandemic.

“It is now more important than ever to work on equal pay because women come into this crisis now, on average, getting paid 20% less than men. Women of color are even further behind the curve,” says Tina Tchen, CEO of TIME’S UP. “That just illustrates how we have less savings to then fall back on and we have less support to fall back on. These issues of gender equity, workplace fairness, creating safe and dignified workplaces for everyone, aren’t just things we do when times are good, they are key structural supports for workers and for employers when times are tough.”

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