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Each month the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics disseminates various data about the U.S. economy and labor market in addition to figures on employment, labor force participation, productivity, and wages.

The TIME’S UP Impact Lab team began analyzing these figures at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to do so as our economy shifts from a state of needing relief to one of recovery.

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September — Latinas Are Being Left Behind In the Economic recovery

August — 700,000 Fewer Black Women Are Working Today Than In February 2020

July — Women of Color Continue to Endure Crisis Levels of Unemployment

June — Caregiving Jobs Accounted for Just Over 1% of Total Job Growth

May — Black and Latinx Women Continue to Experience Higher Unemployment Rates

April — While Unemployment Dropped to 6%, Women Only Picked Up 1 in 3 of Those Jobs

March — Recovery Is on the Way But Women Are Still Being Left Behind

February — Women of Color Are Bearing the Brunt of Unemployment

January — Women Are the Backbone of Our Economy


December — Over 500,000 Jobs In Hospitality and Leisure Lost in Industries Dominated By Black and Latinx Women

November — Policymakers Must Pass a COVID Relief Package That Invests in a Robust Caregiving Infrastructure

October — Women, esp. WOC, Continue to Bear the Brunt of the Pandemic and Economic Crisis

September — Women Dropping Out of Labor Force at Alarming Rate

August — Recovery is Slowing Down, Especially for Women

July — A Women’s Recession

May — A Case Study in Pervasive Racism and Sexism

April — Women Are Bearing the Brunt of Economic Crisis

March — On the Front Lines of Economic Pain: March Jobs Report Foreshadows What’s to Come