From "Ideal Worker" to "Ideal Workplace"

NBC News: Tina Tchen of TIME’S UP: It’s Time to Adopt THIS New Approach If We Want Truly Equitable Workplaces

Culture, Equity, Private Sector

For too long, the onus of workplace equity has been the employee and our workplaces have been governed by outdated norms developed from men’s experiences. But TIME’S UP Foundation and ideas42 released research that introduces a new behavioral design approach, replacing outdated “ideal worker” norms with “ideal workplace” standards and providing actionable steps for employers to create truly equitable workplaces.

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, says ideal worker norms “are characteristics of the way men are able to deal with their lives because historically, someone else has been at home taking care of the other parts of your life,” including children and home responsibilities. Learn more about the report in NBC News’ Know Your Value here