TIME’S UP Calls for Transparency and Accountability in Chicago Blackhawks’ Independent Investigation of 2010 Sexual Assault Accusations

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It takes tremendous courage for survivors of sexual harassment to speak out about their abuse. Without the vulnerability of these brave individuals, the public would have no real understanding of the toxic and longstanding abuse that can happen within major sports teams.

We stand in solidarity with the former Chicago Blackhawks players who were reportedly assaulted by former video coach Bradley Aldrich and call for a full and transparent investigation into these allegations.  Let’s be clear – these accusations surround a man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a high school hockey player in 2013 and subsequently required to register as a sex offender.

The fact that a former male player decided to come forward with these accusations only to be met with scrutiny and questions about the validity of his account is damning. We know how difficult it is for men to speak out about sexual harassment, and the Blackhawks leadership has unfortunately perpetuated this dangerous cycle by allegedly being aware of Aldrich and his abusive tendencies, and not stepping up with integrity to be accountable to — and simply supportive of — the victim who was once a member of the Blackhawks team.

All workplaces, regardless of industry or sector, deserve to be safe spaces where team members are respected and supported even in the most difficult and controversial of situations. We urge the Blackhawks to make the findings of their internal investigation public once it is completed. This is the only true way to move the needle toward ending pervasive harassment and abuse at organizations like this. Equally as important, the National Hockey League must hold those responsible for any mistreatment and harassment to which employees are subjected accountable for their actions, while actively working to protect the privacy and wellbeing of abuse survivors.

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