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New TIME’S UP Survey Shows It’s Time to Close the Pay Gap – and 80 Percent of People Agree It’s an Important Fight Now

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Washington, D.C. — Today, TIME’S UP Foundation released the results of a national survey, “Gender and Racial Inequity During Crisis: The Pay Gap” generously supported by nutrition bar brand LUNA® bar, a partner in TIME’S UP’s campaign to close the pay gap. Among the key findings: eight in 10 survey respondents say that pay equity for women is just as or more important right now as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.  

“Women’s equality has been at the forefront for LUNA for more than 20 years. We should have zero tolerance for the systemic issues that are contributing to widening inequalities, especially for women of color,” said LUNA Senior Brand Director Ritu Mathur. “Now more than ever, it’s important to listen to those who are experiencing even greater challenges when it comes to pay equality, educate on why it’s important we all pay attention, and together, take meaningful steps towards making a difference.”

At the same time, the survey found that the main drivers of the pay gap — including gender and racial discrimination, the overrepresentation of women in low-wage jobs, and the disproportionate share of home and caregiving falling on women — are rampant, and potentially deepening, amidst the pandemic and economic recession. 

The poll’s findings underscore the urgent need for policy makers and business leaders to address gender and racial discrimination and inequity in the workplace. PerryUndem conducted the national survey of 2,528 diverse adults, ages 18 to 64, between June 2-10, 2020.

Among the new survey’s findings: 

  • More than 80 percent of survey respondents say that pay equity for women is just as or more important right now as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.  
  • Nearly six in 10 women say they’ve faced gender or racial discrimination or obstacles to higher paying jobs, with women of color most likely to have faced gender or racial discrimination. 
  • One in three men who make hiring decisions hold discriminatory views towards employment, believing “men should have more of a right to a job than women” when jobs are scarce.
  • Women are doing significantly more unpaid labor than men, with only 16 percent of partnered women saying their spouse or partner is doing “all or almost all” of household work.

The pandemic, the economic crisis, and the existing pay gap have created staggering consequences for women’s financial security:

  • Nearly half of women respondents do not have a stable, good-paying job that pays the bills, allows for savings, and allows them to be healthy.
  • Approximately half of Latinx and Black women respondents do not have enough money right now to pay for basic needs like food and housing.
  • Half of women of color have less than $200 in savings, compared to 37 percent of white women and 27 percent of white men. 

The survey found that working women respondents identify broader systemic drivers of pay inequity — such as racism and sexism — better than men. And they identified a broad range of systemic solutions to help close the pay gap for good. 

“This is a call to action for the policy solutions we need to build better workplaces for women,” said Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation. “Paid medical leave, paid sick days, retirement benefits, and greater workplace flexibility rose to the top of the list of benefits women need to feel financially secure but all too often do not have. These are benefits leaders in the public and private sectors can expand now to help close the pay gap at this critical time.”

Learn more on TIME’S UP Foundation’s website or by downloading TIME’S UP’s Fact Sheet here.

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