Statement from Rebecca Goldman, Chief Operating Officer of the TIME’S UP Foundation, on the Lack of Female Directors Nominated for Golden Globes

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“Who directs feature films matters. It affects what stories are told — and how — with far-reaching implications for women across the film industry and our broader society. That’s why TIME’S UP Entertainment — in partnership with Stacy Smith, Tessa Thompson, and many others — launched the 4 Percent Challenge, asking individuals and companies to commit to a film led by a female director in the next 18 months.

“This year, there have been twice as many women-led features than ever, with more films by female directors on the way. And yet, as today’s nominations show, women — and especially women of color — continue to be pushed to the sidelines by a system that holds women back, onscreen and off.

“The omission of women isn’t just a Golden Globes problem — it is an industry-wide crisis, and it’s unacceptable. TIME’S UP will continue to fight until talented female directors get the opportunities and recognition they deserve.”

TIME’S UP Foundation

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