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TIME’S UP Applauds Formation of Commission to Address Sexual Assault in the Miltary

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Today, the Biden-Harris administration announced the creation of a 90-day commission to pursue solutions to address sexual assault in the military. Lynn Rosenthal, the first-ever White House Advisor on Violence Against Women under President Obama, will chair the new commission. 

TIME’S UP Foundation’s CEO and President Tina Tchen responded to the news with the statement below:

“Too many service members including men, women, and women of color have endured sexual assault, but have been forced to suffer in silence for fear of being dismissed, or worse, retaliated against for coming forward. Enough is enough.

“This Commission sends a clear signal that the Biden administration is committed to not only holding perpetrators accountable, but also working with Pentagon leaders to fix the broken system that has allowed this problem to persist, with little consequence, for far too long.” 


  • In 2018, 20,500 service members were sexually assaulted or raped including 13,000 women and 7,500 men. Historically, more men experience sexual assault in the military than women, but women report the assaults at a far higher rate.
  • The rate of sexual assault and rape in the military  jumped by almost 40% from 2016 to 2018. For women the rate increased by over 50% to the highest level since 2006. 
  • Of women who reported a penetrative sexual assault, 59% were assaulted by someone with a higher rank than them and 24% were assaulted by someone in their chain of command.
  • Nearly 76% of victims did not report the crime and 66% of servicemembers who reported retaliation after filing a sexual assault complaint were women.
  • Almost three-quarters of retaliation reports alleged that retaliators were in the reporter’s chain of command.
  • A third of victims are discharged after reporting, typically within 7 months of making a report under undignified conditions.


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