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TIME’S UP Calls on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Commit to Transparency

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In response to breaking news today that Washington Football Team majority owner Dan Snyder settled a sexual misconduct claim in 2009 — and on the heels of news reports that Snyder is also working to keep secret critical evidence in the NFL’s investigation into widespread sexual harassment and abuse at the club — TIME’S UP Foundation called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to commit to making the findings of the NFL investigation public.

Statement from Tina Tchen, President and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation:

“What we know about the culture of work at the Washington Football Team under Dan Snyder’s leadership is appalling and unacceptable — and we only know about it because courageous former employees are risking legal liability to speak publicly about what they endured and witnessed.

“While Snyder has publicly committed to cooperating fully with the NFL investigation, in court he has made clear he will attempt to bury critical evidence through intimidation of witnesses and emergency court filings. Today’s story in the Washington Post reveals one reason why.

“TIME’S UP calls on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to commit to making the findings of the NFL independent investigation public once it has been completed. The many survivors who had the courage to come forward to detail decades of pervasive harassment and abuse at the Washington Football Club deserve no less.”

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