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TIME’S UP, Celebrities, Athletes, and Activists to NFL: Release Washington Football Team Investigation Report

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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, in solidarity with the former Washington Football Team (WFT) employees, TIME’S UP Foundation joined dozens of celebrities, athletes, and activists to call on Commissioner Roger Goodell to make the findings of the NFL’s independent investigation public. In a letter to Commissioner Goodell, the signatories called for complete accountability and transparency as it pertains to the investigative report.

“Coming forward takes tremendous strength and courage, especially when the abuser is in a position of power,” said Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation. “TIME’S UP is in solidarity with all those who came forward to detail decades of pervasive harassment and abuse at the Washington Football Team, and we join them in demanding accountability and justice.”

The NFL had previously said they would “review the findings and take any appropriate action” and then share the findings with “others” once it was completed. The League has released multiple investigative reports in the past, including the report of the Deflategate investigation in May 2015, and the report of the independent investigation into the NFL’s handling of Ray Rice’s situation in January 2015. The letter released today called for the same level of transparency and accountability following this most recent investigation.

It follows two letters released last week – one from the 20 former Washington Football Team employees to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the other from Lisa Banks and Debra Katz – both demanding the NFL make the results of the investigation known to the public.

The full letter to Commissioner Goodell can be read here.

The full letter from former WFT employees l can be read here.

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