TIME’S UP President and CEO Tina Tchen Responds To New York Times’ Reporting On The State Of The Organization

Contact: Chelsea Fuller, press@timesupnow.org

TIME’S UP President and CEO Tina Tchen released the following statement:

“Yesterday, The New York Times published an in-depth piece about TIME’S UP and its leadership. While we may not agree with every assertion made by the publication, we respect journalism as one of the many ways organizations working to advance systemic change are held accountable by their communities.  We see this reporting as an opportunity to glean more insights and feedback from those who have been impacted by our organization, and we value hearing from those with varying opinions across our vast community.

As The New York Times notes, we are hiring an outside, independent expert to lead us in structuring an open and collaborative impact review process that will proceed in multiple phases, and include input from survivors, supporters, critics and partners.  As we move forward, we will continue in our work to contend with longstanding, entrenched patriarchy, in ways that are informed by those who are the closest to those harms. We’re committed to rebuilding trust and leading responsibly in ways that honor and center the very people we want to serve.”

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