TIME’S UP Responds to Conclusion of Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in Military


Washington, DCToday, the Biden-Harris administration announced the conclusion of the Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment, a 90-day commission that developed solutions to addressing sexual assault in the military. This commission was led by Lynn Rosenthal, the first-ever White House Advisor on Violence Against Women under President Obama and supported by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III who will present the commission’s findings to President Biden in the coming days.

TIME’S UP Foundation’s CEO and President Tina Tchen responded to the news with the statement below:

“For too long the military system has been broken allowing sexual assault and harassment of our service members to go unaddressed and unpunished. This is not only a matter of justice and safety for the survivors, but a key threat to the readiness and professionalism of our forces.  We commend the commission on the conclusion of its work, which demonstrates that the elimination of these deep-rooted issues within our armed forces remains a priority for the Biden-Harris administration.

The recommendation to remove the prosecution of sexual assaults from the military chain of command and establish an independent prosecution system is especially important to combat sexual assault in the military. The support of General Milley for this change, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces, is also to be commended. But we call on him and the Biden-Harris administration to go even farther and to support moving the prosecution of all major crimes to an independent, professional prosecution system. This would restore confidence in the system and work to eliminate the bias inherent in the chain of command system. 

We also look forward to reviewing the specifics of the commission’s report, which rightly look beyond prosecutions and address the range of issues implicated by the epidemic of sexual assault and harrassment in our military, from accountability to prevention to overall culture. Our goal continues to be that members of the military face a safer and more equitable work environment — and by doing this we will help our forces with readiness, retention, and military effectiveness, all of which are critical to U.S. national security.”


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