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TIME’S UP Responds to Lawsuit Against Dr. Campbell and OHSU

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Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, issued the following statement regarding sexual harassment that occurred at Oregon Health and Science University.

“First and foremost, TIME’S UP is in solidarity with the survivor in her decision to share her story. Coming forward takes tremendous strength and courage, and often comes at great professional and personal cost. She should be heard and treated with respect as she pursues justice.

“While Dr. Esther Choo is mentioned in the complaint, it is important to clarify that she is neither a defendant nor a party to the case. The two defendants are Dr. Jason Campbell, who is alleged in the complaint to have committed the sexual harassment and assault at issue, and Oregon Health and Science University, then his employer. Because Dr. Choo is at most a witness to these events and may have to testify about them, it is not appropriate for Dr. Choo or TIME’S UP to comment further on matters in litigation.

“We wanted to reiterate that TIME’S UP remains committed to addressing the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in health care and across industries. We remain supportive of survivors and will continue our mission to fight for safer, more equitable workplaces.”

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