TIME’S UP Response to NFL’s Findings of Washington Football Team Investigation

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(Washington, D.C.) — Today, the National Football League (NFL) released its findings of an independent investigation into accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct throughout the Washington Football Team (WFT) organization. Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Now, provided the following statement regarding this latest update:

“It’s been nearly a year since allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct have come to light within the WFT organization, stemming all the way to top members of its leadership team. Since the beginning of the independent investigation into these accusations and through letters written by survivors of these alleged assaults, TIME’S UP has repeatedly called on the NFL and the WFT to make the findings of this investigation public. Being transparent, open and honest through this process is the only way for the public to truly understand what these survivors encountered — and it’s the best way to begin to hold the involved parties accountable and to create a better workplace at the WFT.  Today’s update, which includes no details of the investigation’s findings, does not sufficiently address the problem with the ownership of the WFT, and offers only a monetary slap on the wrist which falls far short of the accountability that the employees of the WFT deserve and NFL fans expect. These actions do not provide an ounce of justice for the survivors who still live with the memories of these traumatic experiences, nor any assurances that the workplace culture of the WFT will change. We again urge NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the WFT to do better and think of the survivors who bravely came forward rather than using a small monetary value to silence the very claims that have shaken this organization to its core.”

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