Organization calls on Cuomo to immediately resign

TIME’S UP Statement On The New York Attorney General’s Independent Investigation On Sexual Harassment Allegations Against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

“We acknowledge and deeply respect the courage and sacrifice of the 11 women who came forward to share their experiences of harassment and the retaliation they endured. Demanding accountability and justice from someone in power is never easy and it comes at great risk but, by boldly coming forward, these women have given others the courage to do the same.

“The findings of the investigation further cement the fact that the powerful can no longer hide behind their influence and threats when people they’ve harmed are demanding accountability and justice. The independent investigation, which included 74,000 pieces of evidence and 179 witnesses, found that Governor Cuomo violated both federal and state laws, and that a toxic and hostile work environment existed. He has failed to protect the women who worked in New York State government and therefore shouldn’t be permitted to govern. We applaud Attorney General James for the thoroughness of her investigation and, now that it’s over, we’re calling on Governor Cuomo to resign immediately. It’s imperative that he face the consequences of his actions and be held to account by the State Assembly and law enforcement authorities in New York.  

“The stories shared by these women are heartbreaking and far too common. What they experienced working with and for Governor Cuomo is still the experience of countless women working in environments that are unsafe because those in power shield their abusive behavior, leaving the victims responsible for choosing between their physical safety, their income, and their reputation. Today, at TIME’S UP, we reiterate our commitment to continuing the work to eradicate workplace sexual harassment and build safe, fair and equitable workplaces for all.”

TIME’S UP Foundation

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