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TIME’S UP Survey Shows Latinx Women Most Burdened by Pandemic, Pay Gap

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A new national survey commissioned by TIME’S UP Foundation and supported by LUNA® bar shows that the pandemic and economic crisis are taking a toll on women, and Latinx women are bearing the brunt of these challenges.

“The pay gap for Latinas was a crisis for the Latinx community even before the pandemic. Some Latina workers and our families have been forced further behind, even though we are engaged in some of the most critical jobs in our nation,” said Mónica Ramírez, co-founder of The Latinx House and national Latina Equal Pay Day organizer. “I have spoken with Latina workers across the country. It is heartbreaking to hear the anxiety and fear that they are living with right now due to the financial insecurity they are experiencing. Recovery will be an even longer road for our families if political leaders, employers, and philanthropy do not step in to provide the needed support, relief and legal protections.”

The survey found that Latinx women are most affected by the main drivers of the pay gap — including gender and racial discrimination, the overrepresentation of women in low-wage jobs, and the disproportionate share of home and caregiving falling on women. And all of these factors are potentially deepening amidst the pandemic and economic crisis.

Nearly two-thirds of Latinx women in the survey have faced gender or racial discrimination or other related obstacles to higher pay. They are also most significantly impacted by the pandemic: 

  • Half of Latinx women say they had their work hours cut back during COVID-19.
  • Latinx women reported they are least certain they’ll have a job that pays what they were making before COVID-19 (37 percent very sure).
  • Latinx women are the most likely to say they were caring for a sick or elderly person prior to COVID-19 (29 percent compared to 17 percent of white men).

The survey also demonstrates the devastating consequences of the pay gap and the economic crisis on Latinx women’s financial security:

  • Half of Latinx women do not have enough money right now to pay for their basic needs, such as food and housing.
  • Six in 10 Latinx women have less than $200 in savings.
  • Latinx women are most likely to be financially dependent on their partner’s income.

Latinx women – and women overall – are also much more likely than men to fault systemic drivers of the pay gap, rather than individual factors. And Latinx women in the workforce identified several benefits they need for economic security, including a schedule that workers can control, paid sick days, and flexible work hours.

“This survey serves as both a sad reality and an urgent call to action,” said Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation. “It exposes the very real consequences of unfair and unjust systems that have held women, and particularly Latinx women, back for generations. And it provides us with clear policy solutions we can implement to create more fair, just, and resilient workplaces for all.”

TIME’S UP commissioned PerryUndem to field the poll, which included 2,528 diverse adults and 348 Latinx respondents, ages 18 to 64, and ran between June 2-10, 2020.

Download TIME’S UP’s Latinx Women Fact Sheet here.

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