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TIME’S UP: “These women have shown unimaginable strength and courage”

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Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, offered the following statement about the courage of the women whose stories are told in the film, On the Record:

“TIME’S UP has deep respect and admiration for the women in this film – and all those who have broken their silence to share their stories about sexual violence at the hands of Russell Simmons. These women have shown unimaginable strength and courage, all in the face of targeted attacks meant to drown out their voices.

“These women’s stories illustrate many hard truths about sexual violence and the complexities for black women, in particular, to come forward. Black women are subjected to both racism and sexism — a double bind that puts black women at higher risk for sexual violence and contributes to a ‘culture of silence’ that prevents them from telling their stories.

“TIME’S UP believes every survivor who comes forward should be treated with respect and dignity and have their allegations taken seriously. We hope these women inspire viewers to end this culture of silence and replace it with a world free from violence, gender and racial discrimination, and other systemic barriers that hold women back.”

For additional background about the challenges survivors – and black survivors, in particular – experience in speaking out about sexual harassment and assault, learn more here.

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