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TIME’S UP to NFL: “No Deal Should Happen Until Full Report of WFT Investigation Is Released”

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Washington, D.C. The NFL is expected to approve a measure that will allow Daniel Snyder to buy total control of the Washington Football Team (WFT), according to a recent report.

In response, Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, provided the following statement:

“To allow Dan Snyder, who has been accused of serious misconduct, to expand his control of the Washington Football Team before the public has seen the results of the NFL’s independent investigation into the team is a grave injustice to the brave people who came forward – at great risk to their careers, livelihoods, and well-being.

“No deal should happen until the full report of the investigation into the WFT is released to the public. The NFL, including all of the owners who will be voting to give Snyder special treatment, cannot turn a blind eye to those who had the courage to come forward to detail decades of pervasive harassment and abuse.

“There cannot be accountability without transparency. It is essential that the NFL commits to both ensuring a fair process and to holding accountable those who are responsible for the mistreatment and harassment of employees.”


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