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TIME’S UP: “We Must Fix the Golden Globes”

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Three years ago, TIME’S UP sparked a movement at the Golden Globes. Pledging to workwith allies across the country – and across the globe – we demanded workplaces that are free from sexual harassment and to require institutions plagued by inequality to open their doors and create greater opportunities for all.

Following last night’s broadcast, one thing is clear: we must fix the Golden Globes. #TIMESUPGlobes

TIME’S UP asked to meet with executives from NBCUniversal. In the letter issued last night, TIME’S UP called on the organization to take responsibility and leadership to reform this event:

“Much of the credibility of the Golden Globes is drawn from its affiliation with your network. NBCUniversal has a reputational interest in fixing these issues. To do so is consistent with your Chairman Brian Roberts’s commitment that the ‘company will try to play an integral role in driving lasting reform.’ As leaders of NBCUniversal television, your power as stakeholders makes you an effective force of change.”

You can read the full letter to NBCUniversal here.


In a separate letter issued to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) last night, TIME’S UP called on the organization to make a long-term commitment to systemic change:

“We listened tonight and hoped to hear the HFPA respond with some awareness that the industry wide discontent with its practices goes far beyond what you offered tonight and in the days preceding.  What we had hoped you heard was that not having a Black member was a symptom of a problem, not just the problem itself.”

You can read the full letter to HFPA here.

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