TIME’S UP: “We would not be here today without journalists like Gayle King.”

Culture, Power, Safety

Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, shared the following statement in response to recent attacks on veteran journalist, Gayle King:

“The vitriolic attacks Gayle King has been facing for simply doing her job as a journalist are unconscionable. Journalists have a responsibility to ask questions on serious issues that deserve scrutiny – and that’s exactly what King did.

“In fact, TIME’S UP would not be here today without the work of journalists across the country – and around the world – who provided a platform for survivors to break their silence and helped ignite an unstoppable movement for change.

“It is never acceptable to threaten violence and journalists should be able to speak truth to power without risking their careers – or worse – their lives. That’s why we’ve launched a petition to show our support for Gayle King – and we’re urging our supporters to join us.

“We thank King and all journalists who ask difficult questions, give voice to the experiences of survivors, and challenge systems that allow sexual violence and abuse of power to thrive for far too long. Because of their tireless work, we are moving closer to TIME’S UP’s vision of a world where work is safe, fair, and dignified.”

TIME’S UP Foundation

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