New York State vs. Harvey Weinstein

Tina Tchen, President and CEO of TIME’S UP Foundation, on the Impact of the Weinstein Trial

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“First and foremost, this trial is important for the dozens of women who have experienced sexual assault or harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

“We would not be in this historic moment without the courage and conviction of these survivors, who risked everything – their jobs, their careers, and their personal sense of security – to call out sexual assault and harassment and begin to expose behavior that workers for generations have silently endured. Before they came forward, the scope and magnitude of the problem was hidden. Two years later, they have ignited an unstoppable movement for change that cannot be ignored.

“We hope that these survivors experience some small measure of justice as this trial begins, which is an important step forward in a complex process of holding perpetrators accountable. Sadly, most cases never even make it this far.

“But while this trial is a step forward in and of itself, TIME’S UP has never been about toppling Weinstein – or any one powerful abuser. To make lasting change, we need to right the power imbalances and broken culture that have allowed sexual harassment to occur for so long – systems that were millennia in the making.

“Today and every day, TIME’S UP is in solidarity with the more than 80 survivors who bravely spoke out against Weinstein, catalyzing a worldwide reckoning for justice. With them, we will continue to fight until all people have respect and equality at work, period.” 

TIME’S UP Foundation

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