“We will not be silenced”: Weinstein Survivors Speak Out Ahead of Trial

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Ahead of the start of the Harvey Weinstein trial, dozens of survivors who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment against the disgraced movie producer are speaking out.

Photo credit: Amanda Demme for New York Magazine.

WATCH the press conference survivors held this morning outside the New York City courthouse, livestreamed by ABC News.

READ the stories of Weinstein survivors:

Rosanna Arquette: “This man is a real predator. He’s destroyed many women’s lives…. People can get out of criminal behavior, and we’re praying that doesn’t happen and that justice is served.”

Jasmine Lobe: “I was one of the women that walked into his hotel room. And I will say that no matter what, if a woman walks into a hotel room, that does not give him the right to sexually assault her.”

Dominque Huett: “My experience with Harvey Weinstein started with unwanted sexual advances and ended with sexual assault. This predatory behavior went on for years behind the scenes, unchecked. Today, we stand together to hold a serial rapist accountable.”

Mimi Haleyi: “He was extremely persistent and physically overpowering. He then orally forced himself on me while I was on my period. He even pulled my tampon out. I was mortified. I was in disbelief and disgusted. I would not have wanted anyone to do that to me, even if that person had been a romantic partner.”

Lysette Anthony: “This man has preyed [upon] and just destroyed people. I still have nightmares.”

Katherine Kendall: “I’ve seen him a couple times by accident and my knees started to tremble and I felt like I just had to leave immediately.”

Lucia Evans: “It’s so hard to trust people, especially after you go through what we all went through.”

Ashley Judd: “I would welcome someone who has aggressed who wants to learn and make it right…So far, it’s not him.”

Caitlin Dulany: “It’s just unbelievable what he did for 30 years. And got away with.”

Larissa Gomes: “If he is found guilty and put behind bars for rape, then that would send a very strong message that will hopefully reverberate around the world.”

Louise Godbold: “The fact that Harvey Weinstein is in court today is a great triumph.”

Lauren Sivan: “We’re all prepared for an onslaught. We’re prepared for his lawyers to discredit us, to smear the women who came out against him.”

Paula Williams: “This is beyond retribution for us. This is about cultural change and it’s something that I hope the next generation doesn’t have to deal with it. And if they do, I hope they will feel comfortable speaking up about it.”

Rose McGowan: “Know this: we are free, we are beautiful, we are strong. And you will never take that from us. Most importantly, know that the silence breakers will never give up. Survivors will never give up.”

Sarah Ann Masse: “As silence breakers, we have risked everything to see our abuser, Harvey Weinstein, brought to justice…We will not be silenced anymore.”

Please visit TIME’S UP’s website for more information on the case, as well as key background about why sexual assault and harassment survivors often remain in contact with their perpetrators. To aid in your reporting:

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