STAT: My nightmare: Covid-19 meets racism meets the killing of a Black person by police

Dr. Lauren Powell, Equity, Healthcare, Power, Women on the Front Lines

Dr. Lauren Powell, head of TIME’S UP’s work in the health care industry, shares what COVID-19 and racism have in common and how the racist and unjust cracks in our society have brought us to this moment of unthinkable anguish and pain.

“Black America is very clear on the pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, manifestations, evolution, and antidote for the malignant disease of racism, yet it remains largely unrecognized, undiagnosed, untreated, and unbothered in white America. While a vaccine for Covid-19 is in development, no sweeping cure currently exists for racism.”

She also offers steps we can all take to protect the safety and health of the Black community and stand in solidarity in this pivotal moment. Read her piece in STAT here.