Equal Pay Day 2021

We Want To Hear From You: Tell Us Your Pay Gap Story

Women of all races get paid just 82 cents to the dollar compared with men of all races. For women of color, the gender pay gap is even larger. Black women are paid 62 cents to the dollar and Latinx women are paid 54 cents to the dollar compared to white, non-Hispanic white men. This is unacceptable.

This Equal Pay Day, we want you to tell us your pay gap story. Tell us about a time you found out you were being paid less or treated unfairly because of your gender, your race, or because of your caregiving responsibilities at home. How did it make you feel? What did you do? What would advice would you give another woman in that position?

TIME’S UP will collect your stories and share them anonymously with our advocates to help raise awareness about the real impact of the gender pay gap and motivate people to get involved in the fight. There is strength in shared experiences.

Rather leave us a voicemail? TEXT Equal Pay to 306-44