The Hollywood Reporter: For Weinstein Victims, Hope and Anxiety as a Historic Trial Nears: “We’re All Prepared for an Onslaught.”

Silencebreakers, Weinstein

“I believe that our presence is important right now; it’s just about supporting each other,” says Rosanna Arquette, who plans to attend the first day of the trial as well as the days when Sciorra testifies. Arquette has said she went to a hotel to get a script from Weinstein in the early ’90s and he answered the door in a bathrobe and pulled her hand toward his crotch. “This trial, yes, in the long run is for everyone. But this happened to us. It actually happened to our lives. Especially the rape victims, their lives have been shattered in trauma, in years of living with this. And many, many careers have been affected, including mine.”

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