Women on the Front Lines

Washington Post: How rethinking caregiving could play a crucial role in restarting the economy

Equity, Women on the Front Lines

It’s no mystery who will bear most of the burden. It’s women. It’s always women. Even though most women now work full-time outside the home, they still spend two hours more each day on household tasks and caregiving, are 10 times more likely to stay home with their sick children and are nearly three times as likely as fathers to quit their jobs to take care of a family member. The data tell us that the unpaid caregiving work done by women in their households is, in fact, one of the biggest barriers they face to equal opportunity in the workforce. Post-pandemic, they risk falling even further behind.

If there were ever an excuse for inaction, there isn’t one anymore. To ensure a fast and inclusive recovery, governments, business leaders and investors need to make caregiving a priority.