CareCantWait Summit — April 2021

TIME’S UP Foundation is proud to be a part of the Care Can’t Wait Coalition, host of the Care Can’t Wait Summit.

The Care Can’t Wait Summit convened individuals and stakeholders across the United States to build a stronger, broader base of support for public investment in the care infrastructure as part of the recovery plan. American families are in crisis as women, most notably women of color, are being forced out of the workforce. Families need support to be able to earn a living and care for their loved ones. As we look forward, the need to invest in services as well as care workers and caregivers is clear.

The Care Can’t Wait Coalition hopes to galvanize the frustration and energy among working families across the country toward federal action that supports care across the lifespan and true economic recovery for the people who give and receive care. We want to create an opportunity for everyone to join the community in support of their care needs where we will mobilize to take action and increase public investment in care.

Learn more at: https://www.carecantwait.org/