We, As Ourselves | Shaping the Narrative About Black Survivors

We are in a new defining moment to reshape the narrative around sexual violence and its impact on Black survivors.

We, As Oursevles - Shaping the narrative about Black survivors

We, As Ourselves is a call-to-action to center the voices and experiences of Black survivors and to create the cultural conditions for Black survivors to be heard and supported.

Black survivors have been a key part of defining moments to call out sexual violence. Yet, as movements to address sexual violence have emerged, Black survivors’ experiences and stories have gone under-examined—and worse, Black survivors have been silenced or received backlash when they speak out.

Led by The ‘me too’ Movement, National Women’s Law Center, and TIME’S UP Foundation, We, As Ourselves is a collaboration to reshape the narrative about sexual violence and its impact on Black survivors. Together, we are:

  • Fighting for Black survivors to safely share their stories and experiences;
  • Upending historical and cultural narratives that harm and silence Black survivors; and
  • Working in solidarity with our community to create conditions where the stories of Black survivors can be heard, believed, and supported.

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