Our Partnership with Casting Networks

TIME’S UP Foundation and Casting Networks have teamed up to create a monthly Q&A Interview Series to feature notable industry professionals and allies in the entertainment sphere. In this series, interviewees will touch on important resources, mentorship, professional journeys, and lessons learned along the way during their time working in the industry. If you would like to learn more, you can find the complete series thus far below.

Ngoc Nguyen, Head of Entertainment at TIME’S UP

Ngoc is a strategist, producer, and publicist who has worked at the crossroads of entertainment, sports, and philanthropy for over two decades.

SuChin Pak and Kulap Vilaysack, Co-Hosts of the Add to Cart Podcast

As longtime entertainment industry professionals, SuChin and Kulap have a unique perspective on female mentorship, representation on screen and what it means to have an equitable and safe workplace.

Kristen Marston, Culture & Entertainment Advocacy Director at Color of Change

As a narrative strategist and impact advisor, Kristen works with executives, writers’ rooms, researchers, and advertisers to tell powerful stories that create positive and long-lasting social change.

Eryn Brown, Talent Manager and Partner at Management360 and Co-Founder of the 1 IN 4 Coalition

As a longtime talent manager, Eryn has helped build the careers of acclaimed directors, writers and actors from around the world and believes in the power of positive cultural change through art.

Kate Buckley, TIME’S UP UK Director and Director at 42films

As one of London’s leading talent agents, Kate both produces content and represents creatives with the intention of making the industry a safer and more equitable place to be.

Louise Goldbold, Executive Director of Echo

As the Executive Director of Echo and with years of experience as an actress, producer and in social programs, Louise provides invaluable trauma and resilience training to sexual assault survivors and entertainment leaders.

Heather Rae, Film and Television Producer

As an Academy Award nominated film and television producer with over 20 years of experience, Heather is devoted to advocating for marginalized voices within the entertainment industry.

Yasmin Dunn, Director of Education at Anita Hill’s Hollywood Commission

As the Director of Education at the Hollywood Commission and as an advocate for Peace Over Violence, Yasmin works tirelessly with Hollywood power players to tackle abuse and power disparity in the entertainment industry.