The TIME’S UP Guide to Equity and Inclusion

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The state of affairs in the United States – the coronavirus pandemic, the devastating economic fallout that has accompanied it, and the long overdue reaction to state-sanctioned, racialized violence – has cast a badly needed spotlight on injustice and inequity, including in our workplaces. These compounding crises demonstrate how systemic sexism and racism show up in all aspects of U.S. society – and they demand immediate action from organizations across every sector.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, creating an equitable “new” normal must be top-of-mind. For many workers, especially women and women of color, a return to “normal” 2019 conditions simply won’t cut it — for some, a return to the workplace could mean a return to a work environment that is not physically, psychologically, or emotionally safe. Other workers have endured long hours and unsafe work conditions in exchange for low wages for far too long. In response, millions of workers are now reevaluating their relationship with work, in what has been dubbed the “The Great Resignation.” Enacting policies to build more equitable workplaces can help attract new workers and retain current ones.

We hope the practical guidance we offer in The TIME’S UP Guide to Equity and Inclusion During COVID-19 Recovery helps you meet the demands of this moment and inspires you to imagine structural solutions to shape your workplace down the road.