Our Partnership with Sista Brunch Podcast

TIME'S UP is partnering with Sista Brunch Podcast to uplift Black women in the entertainment and media industries. © TIME'S UP Foundation

Our five-episode series partnership with Sista Brunch Podcast features Black women thriving in entertainment and media careers who are leading the industry’s culture and practices.

The series focuses on safety, equity, and power in Hollywood – the impact of these imbalances and the work being done to address them. We’re excited to have a space where Black women in the media and entertainment can share their experiences, reveal how they broke into – and now thrive in – one of the world’s toughest industries with grace and style.

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Show Outline

Episode 5 (feat. Latasha Gillespie + Miki Woodard) *Aired 6/8

In our last episode of this series, Amazon Studios Global Head of Diversity Latasha Gillespie and Head of Good Robot at Bad Robot Miki Woodard talk with Fanshen and Anya about the evolution of diversity, equity, and inclusion work, bringing up the next generation of executives and talent, why risk-taking pays off, and the limitless power of listening to yourself.

Episode 4 (feat. Stephanie Odiase + Kady Kamakaté) *Aired 5/18

In this episode, we’re focusing on the toll COVID-19 has on Black women. TIME’S UP Senior Manager of Research and Partnerships Stephanie Odiase and producer Kady Kamakaté talk with co-hosts Fanshen and Anya about employment challenges, healthcare access, and survival during the global pandemic—and what it will take for us to thrive when it ends.


Episode 3 (feat. Winter Dunn + Christena J. Pyle) *Aired 4/6

In this episode, Advertising Chief Officer Christena Pyle and actress and filmmaker Winter Dunn talk with co-hosts Fanshen Cox and Anya Adams about the challenges around Black women representation onscreen, the emotional labor required in diversity, inclusion and equity work, the power of pipeline programs, and creating our own narratives.

Episode 2 (feat. La Faye Baker + Shawn Pipkin) *Aired 3/9

In this episode, stunt performer and coordinator La Faye Baker and director Shawn Pipkin discuss with co-hosts Fanshen Cox and Anya Adams the power of improving safety for women behind the camera, navigating and dismantling toxic work cultures, and speaking up for fellow crew members.

Episode 1 (feat. Monifa Bandele) *Aired 2/22

In this episode, TIME’S UP Foundation COO Monifa Bandele speaks with Fanshen Cox and Anya Adams about the global impact of Black women, including using their voices to hold Hollywood powerbrokers accountable for change and disrupting imbalanced systems to create a “new normal.”