TIME’S UP Advertising

Changing the Industry and Shaping Culture

Two women looking toward the left
Advertising has the power to shape how the world views powerful women. © Devan King/TIME'S UP Foundation

It’s an all too familiar feeling for women in advertising: being passed over for a promotion. Seeing your gender or race tokenized in a meeting. Watching as abuse goes unchecked.

When women in the advertising industry first read the “Dear Sisters” letter that founded TIME’S UP, they knew the fight for gender equity needed to take root in the advertising world — and thus TIME’S UP Advertising was born.

Dear Sisters Letter
An excerpt of the "Hey Sisters" letter that launched TIME'S UP Advertising. © TIME'S UP Foundation

Not only is the advertising industry a leading employer of women, but advertising has long been the tip of the spear when it comes to making big societal change.

The advertising industry informs culture. It shapes the way we view the world and how the world views us. Indeed, advertising has the potential to shift how society portrays powerful women, to change the kind of behavior we accept, and to challenge gender and racial stereotypes. That’s why it’s critical that a diverse set of people are at the decision-making table.

For women to truly be safe and treated equally at work, we must break down old power dynamics and bring voices from the fringes into the center of key conversations and decisions. Change has to start at home, which is why in May of 2018, senior women in the industry came together and committed to using their power to push for safety and equity for all. Hundreds of signatories came forward to support them.

Arm in arm with influencers and changemakers across the advertising world — from top executives to creatives to freelancers — TIME’S UP Advertising won’t rest until sexual harassment is ancient history in our industry, and until respectful and equitable workplaces are the new normal.

We’re just getting started — are you with us? Enter your information below to join the fight.