7 Billion People On the Globe — Not A Single Black Member In The Hollywood Foreign Press


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A cosmetic fix isn’t enough.

Please view our Letter to the HFPA, Letter to NBCUniversal, TIME’S UP’s list of recommendations to transform the Golden Globes, and our Open Letter to HFPA in response to their list of reforms.

“Golden Globes Former President Admits the HFPA Hasn’t Had Any Black Members in Two Decades”
— Variety

“In one interview, Tom Cruise was asked about taking his clothes off in ‘Magnolia,’ whereas Denise Richards was asked, “Have you ever made love to another woman before?””
The Hollywood Reporter (May 2021)
“Margaret Gardiner, a journalist for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, generated controversy in the Oscars 2021 virtual press room after she seemingly mistook Daniel Kaluuya for Leslie Odom Jr.” — Indiewire (April 2021)

Perhaps it is time for NBCUniversal — which has aired the Globes for a quarter century and reportedly pays $60 million a year to HFPA and Dick Clark Productions in a deal that runs through 2026 — to take a stand and simply say, Times Up.” — Deadline (April 2021)

The Golden Globes are Falling Apart in Real Time. A timeline of the many, many issues that currently challenge the future of the Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.” — IndieWire (April 2021)

“Phil Berk, who served eight terms as HFPA president, shared a post that called BLM a ‘racist hate movement’ and described Cullors as ‘the self-proclaimed ‘trained Marxist.’”— Los Angeles Times (April 2021)

“…making large payments to its own members, in ways that might raise eyebrows with the Internal Revenue Service.” “…it is surprising how this isolated and morally-questionable organization and its awards are allowed to have such outsized influence within Hollywood.” “…with a long-tarnished reputation and continuing reports of unethical behavior, the organization in question does little to dissuade observers that on some level, the HFPA isn’t operating above board.” IndieWire (Feb 2021)

“on the basis of just our brief conversation, the man (whose name I will withhold out of respect for the dead — he has since died) had been prepared to recommend me for membership in the HFPA if only I had named a country that they didn’t already have covered… illustrative of the sort of behavior that has yet again landed the HFPA in hot water.” “The HFPA’s ethically-questionable behavior has twice resulted in the Globes being kicked off of TV.” “Eventually, the Globes wound up back on the air, but never really stopped behaving in a questionable manner.”
The Hollywood Reporter (Feb 2021)

“Networks and advertisers who support the Golden Globes award telecast should also take a hard look at the HFPA’s actions, says [Rashad] Robinson [President of Color of Change]. “The networks that run them should question whether or not they’re running a system, an awards show that is rigged, or has these types of violations,” said Robinson.”
Yahoo Finance (Feb 2021)

“Questions persist around the insular association’s legitimacy, the qualifications of its members and its ethics.” “…an embattled organization still struggling to shake its reputation as a group whose awards or nominations can be influenced with expensive junkets and publicity swag.”
Los Angeles Times (Feb 2021)

“Throughout the decades, the scandal-ridden HFPA has been sued and widely criticized for its questionable ethics and the bona fides of its journalist members, who are known to accept extravagant trips and gifts from those hoping to sway their voting.” Variety (Feb 2021)

“… the association’s members, many of whom work for obscure outlets, are regularly painted as doddering, out of touch and faintly corrupt.”
New York Times (Feb 2021)

“The group, which was recently sued for allegedly blocking qualified journalists who apply for membership, reportedly has been paying members substantial sums to serve as officers and on committees.” The Hollywood Reporter (Feb 2021)

“Members themselves characterize the group’s meetings as frequently contentious.” ‘Rejected applicants and current members both claim that well-credentialed foreign journalists have been turned away from the group out of concern that they would encroach on members’ professional turf. ‘Lots of members aren’t serious journalists,’ one member said. “We admit people that are not real journalists because they are not a threat to anyone.” “Geography is a somewhat fluid concept within the HFPA, with members representing a sometimes shifting map of territories rather than simply countries of origin.”
Los Angeles Times (Feb 2021)

“The fact that there was no Black member, we didn’t really consider a problem.”Australian HFPA Member, Jenny Cooney (Feb 2021)

“The other members warned her: ‘Do not talk to regular journalists. They’re not our kind. You need to stick to the group.’”
Los Angeles Times (Feb 2021)

“Celebrities slam Golden Globes for classifying American-made Minari as a foreign language film.” “A sad and disappointing reminder that a movie about the American dream, set in America, starring an American, directed by an American, and produced by an American company, is somehow foreign.”
Entertainment Weekly Online (Dec 2020)

“The Globes have also been historically exclusionary, and this year was no different. Women have been nominated for directing only seven times in the Globes’ 75-year history. The show has also struggled with racial diversity, both in nominations and awards.” “In the face of a blatant unwillingness to change, the only answer may be to invest more time and attention into more representative awards shows.”
Daily Bruin (Jan 2020)

“We held three screenings for the HFPA and almost no members attended. For me, it’s reflective of their voting body. It’s not reflective of the society in which we live in or the industry as it stands today. They don’t value the stories that represent all of us, and those stories are so often disregarded and discredited, as are their filmmakers.” (Filmmaker Melina Matsoukas) IndieWire (Dec 2019)

“…when she attended an HFPA fundraising event, noting that she had been ‘warned by three different people that I may be harassed or spoken to in an inappropriate way, which I was.’ At the event, an HFPA member, whom she declines to name, pitched her a movie concept. ‘And they used a very archaic term in the pitch, and I found it quite offensive and disrespectful to me as a woman of color,’ [Melina] Matsoukas said.”
Vanity Fair (Dec 2019)

“Golden Globes Group Rejects All 5 Applicants for New Membership Amid Bullying Accusations.” “This behavior is just outrageous,” one HFPA insider told TheWrap, adding that roughly 40 percent of current members are over 65 — and at least five are in their 90s.” “…they don’t want to let anyone in – it’s become a social club for the older people.”
The Wrap (May 2019)

“His left hand reaches around, grabs my ass cheek, and one of his fingers touches me in the taint. And he starts moving it around.” (Brendan Fraser on then HFPA President Philip Berk)
GQ (June 2018)

“Golden Globe voters will be considering ‘Get Out’ in the Best Musical or Comedy category, not for Best Drama.’ This outcome has prompted plenty of online backlash…” IndieWire (Nov 2017)

“An investigation into Hosain followed a sting operation in January when a security agent working for the HFPA was able to buy [Munawar] Hosain’s Globes tickets for $39,000 from the ticketing agency VIP Concierge.” The Wrap (April 2017)

“After Ukrainian journalist Lena Basse was proposed for membership by two Scandinavian HFPA members, Aud Berggren Morisse and Magnus Sundholm, Russian member Holmes apparently demanded that Basse promise in writing not to write for a number of outlets, most of them Russian.” The Wrap (Aug 2015)

“Writing about the 1991 ‘Billy Bathgate’ and a meet-the-HFPA event tied to it, [former HFPA President, Philip] Berk wrote, ‘Nicole Kidman but not her costar Dustin Hoffman did an interview for ‘Billy Bathgate,’ and it paid off. She was nominated; he was not.'” Variety (April 2014)

“According to the insider present at the vote, Ofole-Prince’s opponents “insinuated, Jim Crow-style, that she was unqualified based on no evidence whatsoever (in fact, directly contradicted by actual evidence of her experience and qualifications). And they carried the vote.” “conducted a fevered, if incoherent, email and personal lobbying campaign to keep Ofole-Prince out…” The Wrap (May 2013)

“Seven members of the notoriously unprofessional Hollywood Foreign Press have credited roles in Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere.” “The HFPA is held in low esteem by real journalists. Last week their former publicist even distributed a letter he’d written to the group’s president excoriating him for all kinds of alleged malfeasance.”
HuffPost (May 2011)

“Accepting money, vacations, and gifts from studios in exchange for nominating their films.” “Selling media credentials and red carpet space for profit.” “Accepting payment from studios and producers for lobbying other members for awards nominations.” The Wrap (Jan 2011)

The Globes are no longer golden. It’s time to act. Join us in demanding change.