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Who We Are

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TIME'S UP Healthcare founding member Dara Kass, speaks a the launch of TIME'S UP's Healthcare at the New York Academy of Medicine on March 1, 2019. © Marc Goldberg

Health care workers experience some of the highest rates of sexual harassment in the country. Out of more than 5,500 cases sent to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, the industry with the second-highest number of claims is health care. Researchers estimate that 50 percent of female medical students will experience harassment before they even graduate.

Why? Because health care is far from being an equitable and diverse industry. Women comprise nearly 80 percent of the health care workforce, yet hold less than 20 percent of leadership positions. And they experience a staggering gender and racial pay gap at every level.

In health care, we know that lives are saved by working together and improving collective intelligence through teams that are not only diverse, but respectful, inclusive, and equitable. That’s why we’re so committed to transforming this industry — from the inside out.

Starting from an initial core network of founders and guided by an experienced council of advisors, our plan is to grow our team to span a wide variety of roles, types of practice, settings, and locations, until we are too loud to be ignored.

We must also support health care organizations in making this issue central and visible. We invite major health care organizations across the country to make an open and sustained commitment to ending gender inequity and sexual harassment. More than 45 organizations have joined TIME’S UP Healthcare as signatories, meaning they commit to three fundamental principles:

  1. Sexual harassment and gender inequity have no place in the health care workplace.
  2. Every employee should have equitable opportunity, support, and compensation.
  3. We cannot address this problem without understanding its scope and impact; we will measure and track sexual harassment and gender inequity occurring in our institution.

In addition, several health care organizations have stepped up with generous donations to support TIME’S UP Healthcare’s mission. We are grateful to our sponsors, without whom our work would not be possible.

We invite you to get involved with TIME’S UP Healthcare today. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves, our patients, and future generations of health care workers.

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