TIME’S UP Impact Lab

To end sexual harassment and inequity at work, we need to break norms and attitudes that have held women back — and forge new standards for how women are treated at work.

Our culture powerfully shapes attitudes about what’s acceptable behavior in the workplace and the role of women of all kinds in society. Only by deeply understanding these cultural norms, can we begin to establish new ones around how people are treated at work.

Our goal is as urgent as it is ambitious. It’s also achievable. Consider the radical sea change we saw in recent years in the shifting support and eventual legalization of same-sex marriage.

We’ve already seen how the revelations of #MeToo that unfolded in 2017 have changed society indelibly. As the saying goes, you can’t unring a bell.

Now, the TIME’S UP Impact Lab is tasked with transforming that movement into lasting, structural, sustainable culture change. We pioneer research into shifting public opinion on workplace inequality and the circumstances which allow it to happen — and then use this research to create real and lasting change.

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