Time’s Up, Measure Up

This moment is a call to action, for us all, to rebuild an economy that works for everyone. One that truly measures up to what women need and deserve to thrive. We’re amassing the research to help get us there.

The health, economic, and racial justice crises we’re facing are bringing to light the many ways that our society has failed women especially women of color and low-paid women for generations. We see it in the struggles of women workers on the frontlines, who put their health at risk to feed their families; the disproportional loss and pain that the pandemic has caused for communities of color; and the millions of women who have been forced to drop out of the labor force to care for their children, elderly relatives, or loved ones with disabilities. 

Time’s Up, Measure Up is a five-year initiative to study and report on the impact of gender and racial inequities that have only grown with the COVID-19 crisis. The initiative fills critical knowledge gaps, drawing on quantitative data, qualitative research, and personal stories to help us understand — and solve — these problems. We are keeping women front and center in policy conversations in the short term, as well as challenging the deeply embedded sexist and racist attitudes that have held women back in our economy and our society for far too long. 

This initiative was made possible with the support of Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda French Gates.