Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the FAQ guidance below to help with your application process. This page will be updated as we receive more questions.

How much funding is available?
We will be awarding small grants up to $25,000 and larger grants up to $75,000. 

Am I eligible to apply?
Applicants affiliated with U.S.-based universities, research, policy, advocacy, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply if the nature of their work and submission aligns with the requirements listed in the RFP.

Can there be more than one principal investigator?

Applicants can list co-principal investigators, but there must be only one submitter. Principal investigators who are submitting on behalf of their team should list their information in the “principal investigator details” section of the application, and all other principal investigators and research team members should be included in the “additional information” section. 

If administrative staff are preparing and submitting the application on behalf of the research team, make sure the submitted materials are saved under the head PI’s last name. Also, please make sure to capture co-principal investigators’ budgetary needs in the “senior personnel” section of the budget template.

Can international applicants apply?
Yes, but they, and the majority of their research team, must be affiliated with one of the aforementioned types of U.S.-based institutions. 

Are you funding research on international countries?
We fund only research focused on U.S. populations. 

Can I apply for a grant to do research on behalf of another organization?
Applicants are welcomed to submit proposals for organizations that they are affiliated with, if these organizations are not their primary institution. Affiliation can include but is not limited to fellowships, visiting professorships, research programs which are a part of larger institutions, regional nonprofits which are a part of a parent organization,  etc. Applicants are not allowed to submit proposals for organizations that they are not affiliated with. 

If you are still unsure about your eligibility, please contact us using the information below.

Can I submit additional information?
Unless requested, please do not submit additional information. This includes budget templates different from the one provided on our site, multiple appendices for your proposal narratives that are outside of the application requirements, etc. 

If you are still unsure about what constitutes additional information, please contact us using the information below. 

What is a fringe benefit policy document?
A fringe benefits policy document outlines the costs incurred by your organization to provide benefits for its staff, including health and dental insurance, retirement plans, workers’ compensation, etc. (click here for additional guidance). 

It is a required part of your application if your organization has a fringe benefits policy in place. 

What is a fiscal sponsorship letter? 

A fiscal sponsorship letter is an agreement between two organizations in which one of the organizations is providing a fiscal sponsorship to the other. A fiscal sponsorship can include the use of the sponsor’s legal and tax-exempt, oversight and authority of funds disbursement, etc (click here for additional guidance). 

It is a required part of your application if your organization has a fiscal sponsorship in place.

When will I hear back about the status of my application?
We will send an email of receipt upon submission or request missing information. Applicants will be informed of their status on a rolling basis. 

How often will request for proposals be issued?
RFPs will be issued on a biennial basis.

Can I apply to future RFPs if I have applied before?
Yes! We encourage applicants to re-apply to future calls for proposals. If an applicant was previously awarded a grant, new applicants will be prioritized in funding decisions.

When will the awards be announced?
For this RFP cycle, grant recipients will be announced on Time’s Up, Measure Up grantmaking site in late Fall/early Winter 2021.  

Will you accept late applications?
Any applications submitted past the deadline will not be accepted, and applicants will be notified.

Who can I follow up with if I have any additional questions?
Any additional questions or comments should be emailed to